About Us

Finding a van proved to be quite the feat. It seemed that when we were just dreaming about how lovely it would be to one day own one, there were so many beauties on the market. Yet when we started getting serious about going to actually check some out, they were few and far between. And the ones that were half-decent sold FAST. We had one sell while we were five minutes away (after driving two hours), one cancel last minute after arranging for a friend to drive us the three hour trek and just when we thought we had hit the jackpot with an old woman’s post with no photos…we got the e-mail a few hours later that it had sold that night. How?!

Finally we found a pretty sweet 1988 Roadtrek in Northern Ontario that we were ready to pull the trigger on. It was then that we realized how bogus Ontario’s process is for registering a vehicle of this age. I won’t get into the details (we’re pretty much experts now if anyone needs guidance) but we decided it wasn’t going to work out and on a whim, decided to move to Alberta. We quit our jobs and booked a flight with higher hopes of finding something good – with way less registration fees. It was a couple weeks before we were set to leave that we saw the Kijiji ad for our darling, Clementine. Her bright orange stripes and bangin’ 80s upholstery had us sold at first sight. Since we were still in Ontario at the time, we had to get Justin’s mom to scope it out and do the deal. Man, did we luck out! It was clear that this rig came from a loving home and was destined to be our new home. A week and a snowstorm later, we finally got to meet Clementine and start our renovation.

So you want to know about us?

Check out our hockey cards below for some concise stats since no one actually wants to read a bio anyway…

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