Black Canyon

Generic-Van-Life-Camping-Spot-Black Canyon – Arizona-United-States-van view
Generic-Van-Life-Camping-Spot-Black Canyon – Arizona – United-States-evening view
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One of our favourite spots nestled among the towering Saguaro cactuses with amazing cell service. Seriously, we could have stayed here a long time. The only downside is that lots of people enjoy this place so it’s not the most private (it’s also the desert so think wide open spaces) but still a really cool spot nonetheless. Neighbouring the Table Mesa OHV Recreation Area, you’ll be no stranger to the sounds of ATVs and gunfires but it really wasn’t that bad while we were there. Plenty of room for any size camper or tent.

Max stay is 14 days.

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North Little Grand Canyon, New River, Arizona 85087
33.986609, -112.170522
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