Box Canyon

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Camping on the moon? Sign me up! Box Canyon in Mecca, CA is a super cool desert area bordering the Salton Sea and many fruit orchards and vineyards (AKA smells delicious, not stinky). The canyons have really interesting rocky formations and a uniform colour palette that look moon-like (at least that’s how I remember the moon looking last time I was there). We happened to be here on Easter weekend so that’s probably why it was so busy but people definitely use this area for ATVing and having big BBQs and gatherings. Not many people stayed the night so it was quiet and felt secluded. Do be careful driving with 2WD because the sand can get pretty soft in areas.

Max stay is 14 days.

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Box Canyon Road, Mecca, California 92254
33.586845, -115.977158
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