Bruno City Park

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Convenient little city park right off of highway 23. There are covered picnic tables, benches, a playground and a portapotty along with trash cans and a water pump. We assume that the portapotty had been cleaned the day we arrived because it was the cleanest, most pleasant smelling outhouse we’ve ever been in – and that’s not a common compliment to give. Campsites aren’t really in designated areas so pick a grassy spot or pull over off of the dirt loop that goes through the park. Suitable for most rigs, but you’d probably take up a good chunk of the place in an A class. Beware of TONS of bugs…we had to sleep with the windows closed because tiny black flies kept getting in through the screen. Also, the main pitfall here are the train tracks across the road that are actively used by extremely loud trains. If it weren’t for the train, you’d have a peaceful sleep so earplugs might not be a bad idea. There are houses, a gas station, a post office and a bar within walking distance.

Max stay is 6 days.

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Minnesota 23, Bruno, Minnesota 55712
46.280338, -92.66394
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