Charles St. Dead End

Generic Van Life - Vanlife in the City Sucks - Commercial Drive
Generic Van Life - Vanlife in the City Sucks - Commercial Drive
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Vancouver is a great city to van in. This is just one of many streets where you’ll find somewhat derelict RVs that look like they haven’t moved in months. We generally take these as a green light to park overnight and know that we won’t be bothered. This spot is at the end of Charles Street, walking distance to Commercial Drive. It’s alongside the train tracks so it could potentially be noisy but on the Sunday night we stayed, it was surprisingly quiet. This is also a popular spot for cabs to park while waiting for dispatch calls so don’t be alarmed if you hear chatter outside of your door.

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3019 Charles Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 4L2
49.2731030, -123.0796180
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