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A decent spot within the Roosevelt NF about 5 km (3 mi) off of the Peak to Peak Highway. We went here after trying to go to Gordon Gulch but it was completely packed on a Wednesday around 3PM in mid-May. From Gold Lake Rd., turn onto the 372B and take a left at the T-junction in order to access the south shore of the lake. If you reach the Gold Lake Resort then you’ve gone too far on Gold Lake Rd. and missed the turn for the 372B. Be aware that all the other borders of the lake are privately owned by a resort – apparently the owners of the resort will frequent the public land to check up on people because folks like to wreak havoc and leave trash everywhere. Not a surprise because while we were there on a Wednesday, people were shooting off guns for hours. We didn’t end up going all the way down the road but instead stayed at the clearing not far after turning off the 372B because the road down is pretty steep and bumpy. It’s totally passable without 4×4 but we saw several cars come down throughout the evening and turn around at that point because they didn’t want to bother. Wouldn’t go down in anything bigger than a van in order to get a level spot but you might be ok in small RV with good clearance. There was usable AT&T service but no other facilities so take your trash with you and be aware of wildlife in the area.

Max stay is 14 days.

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3094 Gold Lake Road, Colorado 80481
40.083399, -105.457015
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