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Just off of Highway 26, there is a lot adjacent to Home Depot’s garden centre that seems to be an overflow parking of sorts. This is by no means an official campsite, but I did ask the staff at Home Depot if it was ok to park there since there were a few trailers already parked and they said it would be no problem. The lady said it’s mainly used for semis needing an overnight spot so we were all good. There’s the obvious road noise that any parking lot in a city has and around 7AM, the trucks started to fire up so prepare for an early wake-up call (7AM IS early). Remember to treat this like a Walmart parking lot and be courteous and respectful. Leaving your trash or pooping in the lot is very uncool.

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13700 NW Science Park Dr, Portland, OR, Oregon 97229
45.525282, -122.818619
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