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Free camping and Big Sur don’t really go together. However, the coastline closer to Gorda meets up with the Los Padres National Forest, where dispersed camping is permitted within certain guidelines; mostly, don’t block the road. All of the “campsites” are just turn outs on the side of the road so if you can’t find one right away, keep moving. The locals (the mega rich) turn their noses at boondockers so they fight to have law enforcement give tickets to people for small reasons, like blocking the road. Anyway, if you can score a spot, you’ll have lovely views of the water and mountains and be in peaceful solitude free of noise and light pollution. From the main highway 1, we turned in at the sign for Treebones Resort and went the opposite direction of the resort on Los Burros Road (it’s now showing as Will Creek Rd on Google Maps now for some reason).

Technically the max stay would be 14 days. Remember that camping in the turnouts along highway 1 is not permitted.

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Will Creek Road, Big Sur, California 93920
35.890470, -121.459399
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  1. I’m coming in a sedan at the end of June, and I read that 4×4/AWD is needed to get up Los Burros. Is this true?

    1. Road conditions may have changed since we were there last but you will be able to get up the road past 4 or 5 pullouts before you need 4×4. The road started to get rough just past the spot we stayed at but the first little bit is just a narrow gravel road.

  2. Hey! Are there easy ways to turn the van around on that road to get out? Just curious… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Katie, there are a bunch of pull outs all along the road. As long as you’re not pulling a trailer or anything, you should be in the clear for finding a spot to turn around. The road started to get a bit rough just past the spot where we stayed but the road was definitely wide enough to do a 3-point (more like 10-point) turn.

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