Skagit River

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Just outside of Silver Lake Provincial Park, there are some pullouts along the road by the river. Make sure you pass the Provincial Park boundary sign because setting up camp within the park can get you a visit from the ranger. This particular spot is definitely close to the road but has lots of trees and bushes so there is still some privacy. The Skagit River is very nice so it’s a real shame how disgustingly trashed this particular campsite was when we arrived. Hoping to just attribute it to long weekend partying but the site had boxes and wrappers everywhere and the previous campers had attempted (unsuccessfully) to burn their camping chair in the fire pit. There were all kinds of ditched camping supplies but the worst of all was that they left two chicken cutlets on a cooking grill in the fire pit. You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to know to not do that! Ever! As always, pack it in, pack it out and try to leave every campsite you visit cleaner and better than it was when you arrived.

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Silver Skagit Road, Hope, British Columbia V0X 1L0
49.301719, -121.399605
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