Tofino Landfill (CLOSED)

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Too many people leaving trash and setting up structures. NOT what boondocking is about. Remember to leave every spot nicer than it was when you got there and to be respectful.

Usually landfills aren’t our first choice for boondocking but this spot just uses the landfill’s road as access. From Highway 4, turn onto Alaska Pine Rd which is marked as the landfill and follow the extremely pothole-ridden dirt road, keeping right at every fork, until you find some road turnouts along the way. We stayed by what looked like a trailhead or an ATV road and it was perfectly quiet and peaceful. Barely any other campers or people using the road other than the MILLIONS of mosquitoes. As mentioned, the road is very rough so take it very slow. We made it fine with RWD but don’t bring a big rig or small car out here. And as always, LEAVE NO TRACE. Leave the areas that you stay at cleaner than when you arrived.
Also, oops! We forgot to take a photo once we were parked (dummies) so this is a shot of the road driving in once you pass the actual landfill. The road gets much rougher once you pass this point.

DO NOT PARK OUTSIDE OF THE LANDFILL ITSELF – it is an active work area.

*AUG 2019 UPDATE: There is now a gate at Alaska Pine Road (Landfill sign you see when coming from Tofino) so you must go back to the Highway 4 junction and turn onto West Road to access this spot and many other pull outs along the dirt road. Just be sure to not cross the boundary into Kennedy Lake Provincial Park…

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  1. Hello
    I work at the West Coast Landfill and we have a HUGE issue with people camping outside the Landfill gate and leaving garbage everywhere. Also sleeping right in front of the gate. The business hours at from 10am-4pm however employees come in early and have to deal with all the “campers”
    Support the local community by staying at an actual campground.
    Or at least don’t block the road!!!!

    1. Hey Jesse – totally makes sense. The coordinates for this spot are actually way past the landfill in a turnout off of one of the dirt roads. Just using the landfill as a landmark for which road to turn onto from highway 4. In any case, I’ll add a note to the description to remind people that the landfill gate is not a camping spot. ?

  2. They have just installed a gate on the access road and it is locked after 5pm. To get to the backroads you have to go back to junction and take west road. There are way nicer spot to camp there anyhow.

  3. Camping down this road has become a big problem. Garbage every where. The added difficulty is that the towns are small and the garbage will have to be cleaned up by volunteers. Very inconsiderate behaviour from people who do not live and work in the area and who do not care about our back country.

    1. Ugh, that’s such a shame to hear. No surprise of course but it really bothers us that people can’t seem to realize that if you abuse spots, they’re going to go away! We always promote leave no trace camping (more like leave the spot nicer than it was when you got there) and sincerely hope that our users do too.

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