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We must be back in the Eastern states because Walmart camping is real. Unfortunately with so many cities around the Madison/Milwaukee/Chicago area, there aren’t many boondocking opportunities (big sigh because it’s a very beautiful area). This particular Walmart has a covered parking area for short-term customers and a smaller outdoor lot where you can park near the Speedway gas station for 24 hours. It’s not far from highway 12/18 but was pleasantly not too noisy during the night. Police seem to frequent the parking lot for security purposes, which was great for safety purposes but made for some highly discernible chatter in the wee hours of the morning. As always, respect your surroundings and ask permission as a courtesy.

Also…there is a sewerage facility nearby so if the wind is in a certain direction, the shit winds are comin’.

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6210 Royal Avenue, Monona, Wisconsin 53713
43.043122, -89.352112
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