Think we could do cool things together? Take a look at some potential partnership opportunities below or send us an email with your ideas.


As we travel throughout North America and beyond, we are constantly creating content geared toward outdoor adventure, tourism and of course, the minimalist #vanlife movement. We are passionate about living with less and optimizing all of the resources that our beautiful planet has to offer.

Through our social media channels and targeted web presence, we can create content in the follow areas:

  • Photography
  • Writing for blog posts and informative guides
  • Brand ambassadorships for brands with similar values and audiences
  • Destination marketing (i.e. sponsored travel to unique destinations)

In addition to creating organic and targeted content, we love collaborating with companies to develop products that work well for an outdoor-oriented mobile lifestyle. Field-testing is crucial in understanding the market and fine-tuning details that make products practical and sustainable.

If content creation and/or brand collaboration isn’t what you’re after but you’re still interested in working with some mighty fine (and modest) humans, don’t forget that we run a web development company called Keep The Internet Busy which offers graphic and web services, social media management and digital marketing, among other things.

As a final thought, take this as a little disclaimer that we would never endorse products that we didn’t truly use and/or believe in. Although we are open to reviewing products and exploring affiliate marketing, we value our niche community and social network too much to lead them astray.


If you’d like to discuss any of the above opportunities, send us an email at or fill out our contact form.